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Press Release - October 2016

Éditions EHESS and Cambridge University Press are delighted to announce a new partnership to co-publish the journal Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales from 2017.

The Annales is the most widely distributed Francophone history journal in the world, shaped by a unique spirit of intellectual enquiry that has made it one of the most influential and recognizable journals across the social sciences. By working together, CUP and Éditions EHESS will offer the blend of expertise and infrastructure necessary to build upon recent editorial innovations, preserving the singular character of the Annales whilst serving an expanding, international and increasingly digital audience. Several important developments accompany this new arrangement.

The Annales is published in two versions, with an English edition existing since 2012. From 2017, both editions will be officially published by Cambridge University Press and Éditions EHESS. Every article will be rigorously translated, then edited by an in-house team to produce an official English edition, published to the same exacting standards as the original and available for subscription, in print and online, through the same publisher. The translation process operates in both directions, fostering dialogue between Francophone and Anglophone scholars; broadening the journal’s international impact; and encouraging direct contributions in both languages.

The latest issues of the French and English editions, together with a full archive of the Annales’ articles and reviews published since 1929, will be available digitally through Cambridge University Press’ new publishing platform, Cambridge Core. This will be the first time that every element and item of the Annales content will be accessible in a single online location, fully indexed and searchable. This digital collection, a valuable new resource for researchers, will also include the English edition of the Annales back to 2012.

Institutional subscribers will be offered an online-only subscription option for the first time, in recognition that libraries face a growing pressure to save physical shelf-space. As well as standalone subscriptions, the Annales will also be available through Cambridge’s journal packages and aid agreements, purchased by thousands of institutions around the world.

“It is an outstanding privilege to have this opportunity to work with the team at Éditions EHESS, and the Annales editorial board, to establish a new phase in the history of this extraordinary and important journal.”

Ella Colvin, Director of Publishing, Cambridge University Press

“This partnership marks a new era in the history of the journal. We are thrilled that the intellectual project of the Annales, itself entering a new phase, will assume an increased visibility on the international stage.”

Étienne Anheim, Editor-in-Chief, Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales

“I’m very enthusiastic about the idea that the Annales will be published in close cooperation with Cambridge University Press. It will strengthen the academic bonds between France and the UK and allow us to increase our international visibility.”

Emmanuel Désveaux, director, Éditions EHESS

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