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The Annales out of lockdown…

As for all academic journals, the lockdown has been a difficult period for the Annales. But the editorial team has continued working: two issues have been published online, and with the gradual return of the postal service in France and the UK the printed versions should soon be on their way to our subscribers. We have also been working hard on catching up with the backlog that the journal has accumulated over the last few years, and are gradually making headway: the remaining issues for 2019 are almost ready—including a fascinating double issue on archives in the longue durée—and the first two issues of 2020 will be out, at least online, before the end of the year. In other news, the editorial board is preparing a special issue that will take stock of the journal’s intellectual and editorial project since the critical turn of the late 1980s, which should be out in spring 2021. Bonne lecture!

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