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Founded in 1929 by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, the Annales has always sought to transcend its prestigious heritage by continually presenting the most innovative research in the field of history. The journal equally provides a unique platform for dialogue between the various social sciences, remaining open to new fields of research, comparative history, cultural analysis, and epistemological reflection. Renowned experts and emerging historians alike contribute to keeping the spirit of the Annales alive.

The journal also accords an important place to the examination of recent scientific developments in the form of book reviews (200 per year) and in-depth analysis of the most important works being published today.

The Annales is the most widely distributed Francophone journal in the world.

The English edition of the Annales is published with the support of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the Florence Gould Foundation, and the American University of Paris.

Founders: Marc Bloch, Lucien Febvre

Former Editor: Fernand Braudel

Issue 2021/1

The first issue of 2021 consists of two thematic dossiers. The first explores the relationship between history and fiction in the late eighteenth century. It opens with a study of the social and political tensions surrounding Jewish emancipation at the end of the ancien régime, using a close reading of a neglected play by François Gariel, Les esclaves livournais à Alger (1786), to reveal the ambivalence of “toleration” in Enlightenment Tuscany. The second article focuses on the figure of the explorer Lapérouse during the French Revolution: with nothing heard of his round-the-world expedition after 1788, the famous seafarer became a constantly shifting public figure, open to appropriation and to multiple political, scientific and philosophical usages.

The second dossier is centered on O

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2021-2 Mediterranean Worlds - Antiquities of the New World - Power and Justice (book reviews)

Mediterranean Worlds


Thomas Glesener

Daniel Hershenzon

Bernard Heyberger


Antiquities of the New World


Miruna Achim and Stefanie Gänger


Power and Justice (book reviews)

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