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Special Issue: Maritime Societies and Fishing Worlds

The second volume of the Annales to be published in 2023 is a special issue focused on the history of fishing from the early modern period to the twentieth century. Over four articles and an extensive introduction, it explores the political, social, economic, administrative, and even cartographical ramifications of fishing and fishwork. How, in the sixteenth century, did the fishermen of Europe’s Atlantic seaboard help create a new geographical space—known as “Terra Nova”—on the other side of the ocean? How, in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century France, did fisheries regulation lead to a new way of governing the sea’s resources, creating a hybrid knowledge based on real interactions between those who worked the seas and those who governed them? How does the fate of tuna fishing in twentieth-century Japan relate to visions of transoceanic and imperial sovereignty? The issue concludes with a selection of book reviews devoted to the history of fishing over the longue durée.

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